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  • It is composed of mixing head , nozzle, air cap, mixing pipe, stem shell and stem. It is the main mechanism to control the mixing of oxygen, combustible gas and the opening and closing of air. The bottom of the mixing head is a stem shell with a stem, oxygen, gas and air head, each with a rubber sealing film on it, and various grooves on the stem surface. It is used to control and distribute the three gases into the mixing head in order to ensure normal ignition and switch to achieve spraying purpose. When the stem wrench rotates clockwise to 90 degrees, the combustible gas head sinks slightly under the action of the spring, a small amount of combustible gas enters the nozzle, and the rest of the gas head is in the closed position, and the ignition condition is available at this time. When the point is on fire, then slowly turn the stem wrench from 90 degrees in the same direction to 180 degrees, when all the heads sink, and the air cap forms the required fire filling, and the air is ejected from the nozzle to the air cap. Dissolve the incoming metal wire into a fine mist particle (spark) in the flame and spray it onto the workpiece surface, stacking it into a coating.

  • Plastic surface packers epoxy resin Injection Packers waterproof grouting injection packers BG-LP-1 is a four-hole base. BG-LP-2 is an eight-hole base.

  • Cheap High Pressure Steel Mechanical Injection Packer made in China is in stock, durable and easy-maintainable. BangGuan is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. High quality and advanced High Pressure Steel Mechanical Injection Packer with CE certification can be customized with low price from our factory.

  • Aluminum injection packer is use for concrete crack repairs, waterproofing, rehabilitation of concrete structures, basement leak sealing crack sealing etc. It matched with high pressure injection pump, suits for both polyurethane and epoxy injection.

  • Lp-3 Rubber low pressure syringe Since the movement of the injected resin expands in concentric circles, the injection pressure will not produce defects or separation. Made of transparent material, users can easily observe the injection volume clearly with eyes. Because it allows users to clean structural maintenance while maintaining the original state without disassembly or access, it costs less maintenance costs and saves working time. Since the injection is carried out through a low pressure similar to a rubber band, the damage to the sealing area is less. Moreover, in order to provide higher work accuracy, construction management has also become easier.

  • The SJY-10 rescue tripod is a retractable bracket made of high strength alloy. SJY-10 Rescue tripod is one of emergency rescue, security equipment in a metal frame, with a hand-winch, traction sheave maximum load of not less than 2.5kN, rope length not less than 30M. The use of engineering mechanics to the most robust and stable triangular pyramid, with a quick set-up and disassembly features; while its small size, light weight, collapsible features is easy to store and transport, is the most on the market one of the most convenient and efficient emergency security equipment.

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