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  • ​An inconspicuous rescue tripod often saves people in distress, which is enough to see its magic, so how does the rescue tripod do this? The following will analyze it from several aspects.


  • Epoxy resins have secondary hydroxyl groups and epoxy groups, and the secondary hydroxyl groups can react with isocyanates. The epoxy resin is directly added to the hydroxyl-containing component of the polyurethane adhesive as a polyol. In this method, only the hydroxyl group participates in the reaction, and the epoxy group fails to react. The carboxyl group of the acid resin is used to open the epoxy ring, and then react with the isocyanate in the polyurethane adhesive.


  • Cement Mortar Spray Machine is mainly used in Mortar spraying, Mortar conveying, mud conveying, external wall thermal insulation material spraying, Mortar pulling, refractory material spraying of large area fireproof material spraying and water-proof agent spraying in construction industry.


  • Cement mortar spray machine is mainly applied in the construction industry, Mortar transportation, slurry transportation, exterior wall insulation material spraying, Mortar hair.


  • To this end, research and development personnel in-depth study of the above problems, combined with the actual situation, fully consider carefully developed, and absorb foreign advanced design concept and experience in this area, cement mortar spray machine emerged at the right moment.


  • Domestic development status of High Pressure Steel Injection Packer