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  • Cement mortar spray machine is mainly applied in the construction industry, Mortar transportation, slurry transportation, exterior wall insulation material spraying, Mortar hair.


  • To this end, research and development personnel in-depth study of the above problems, combined with the actual situation, fully consider carefully developed, and absorb foreign advanced design concept and experience in this area, cement mortar spray machine emerged at the right moment.


  • Domestic development status of High Pressure Steel Injection Packer


  • An expert in the field of packers - Suzhou BangGuan Automation Co., LTD. will introduce the function and application of packers to you today. Our series of high-quality products represented by 150MM High Pressure Steel Mechanical Injection Packer. New Nitrile Rubbe have become industry models, and buyers from all over the world are welcome to wholesale and buy


  • The SJY-10 Rescue Tripod produced by Suzhou BangGuan Automation Co., LTD. has been recognized by customers for its strict production process and excellent quality. 1. The rescue tripod is a lifting device, and it must be checked by a special person every month. Before each use, check whether the sling can be normally wound around the hinge wheel. 2. Regularly check whether the connection joint of the sling is firm enough.


  • Today's packer expert - Suzhou BangGuan Automation Co., LTD. will tell you what is the main difference between packer and bridge plug? Our 150MM High Pressure Steel Mechanical Injection Packer. New Nitrile Rubber products have been recognized by customers all over the world with advanced production technology and excellent quality!


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