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What are the functional characteristics of the multifunctional sprayer?


The multifunctional spraying machine is mainly used for spraying and pressure grouting of mixed mortar, putty powder and refractory materials on the surface of internal and external walls of buildings.

Working principle: After mixing the cement or similar cement products into the feeder, the mixed slurry is continuously discharged under pressure under the action of a screw pump, and is conveyed forward along the pipeline.When it reaches the nozzle, the compressed air and slurry are introduced The material forms a jet under the action of wind force and is sprayed onto the wall surface. When reaching the nozzle, pressurized air is introduced, and the slurry forms a jet under the action of the wind and is sprayed onto the wall surface. Anchor grouting engineering for highways, railway tunnels, urban subways, underground tunnels of hydropower stations, etc., can be used for grouting in dams, slopes, and soft rock reinforcement. It is anchor grouting, unity grouting, backfill grouting, and curtain grouting. Modern construction equipment on the construction site.

 multifunctional spraying machine

1. Has excellent weather resistance. Low thermal conductivity, stable thermal insulation performance, high softening coefficient, freeze-thaw resistance and aging resistance.

2. Adopt soft crack resistance technology.

3. The system has no cavity and has strong ability to resist negative wind pressure, and is suitable for multi-story and high-rise buildings.

4. Good breathability, strong breathing function, not only has a good waterproof function, but also can drain the moisture of the insulation layer.

5. The fire resistance level is B1.

6. Convenient construction.

7. Strong correction ability.

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