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Selection of injection pump

◆ Choose a pump, you need to consider
According to the size of the liquid you need to dispense, determine what kind of syringe to use.
◆ Choose the driver, you need to consider
— Fluid distribution application mode;
—Use environment and installation form;
—Number of channels used? This will determine whether you choose a multi-channel or single-channel driver;
—Whether the flow rate and distribution accuracy of the fluid meet your requirements.
Split injection pump (executive unit + control unit collectively referred to as driver)
1 Clinical Application of Syringe Pump When the drugs used in clinic must be injected by intravenous route, and when the dosage must be very accurate, the total amount is very small, the administration rate needs to be slow or constant for a long time, the syringe pump should Achieve this goal.
2 The structure and principle of the syringe pump The syringe pump is composed of a stepper motor and its driver, screw and bracket, etc. It has a reciprocating screw and nut, so it is also called a screw pump. The nut is connected to the plunger of the syringe, and the syringe contains the liquid medicine.
The single-chip microcomputer system sends control pulses to rotate the stepper motor. The stepper motor drives the screw to change the rotary motion into a linear motion, pushes the piston of the syringe for infusion, and the medical solution in the syringe is injected into the human body. By setting the rotation speed of the screw, the advancement speed of the syringe pin can be adjusted, thereby adjusting the dose of the medicine (the administration speed is 0.1 to 99.9 nd_ / h).
3 The setting and conversion method of the injection pump Because the measurement unit set by any kind of injection pump is the number of milliliters per hour, the dosage and speed required by the clinic are often · ksI1 / min. ~ mg / mi ~, etc., this conversion process requires medical personnel to convert. The specific conversion method is as follows.
First decide the required drugs and their dosage according to the condition. If dobutamine is required to be administered at 5 kg / min and the patient weighs 60 kg, then the setting of the injection pump should be:
M = (V × W × 60) ÷ (A × K) = (5 × 60 × 60) ÷ (1000 × 10) = 1. 8nd_ / h where: M is the number of milliliters per hour that should be set, V It is the clinically required drug dose (unit: pg · ksI1 / min), W is the patient's body weight (unit: kg), A is the conversion constant of the dose unit, and K is the liquid drug concentration (unit is mg / mL. For example, 500 mg) When the drug is placed in a 50mL syringe, the drug concentration is 10rag / mE).
4 Operation steps of syringe pump
4.1 Turn on the power and turn on the power switch.
4.2 Select a certain brand of syringe (20mL or 5OraL), draw the drug solution and fix it in the syringe fixing groove of the syringe pump.
4.3 After pressing the Band key, select the number from 1 to 5 according to the brand used and press Enter to enter. After pressing the Size key again, use the numeric keys to select the size of the syringe and press Enter to enter.
4.4 Press nd_ / h and press the numeric keys to enter the desired dosing rate, press EI1-ter key to enter.
4.5 Press the Start button to start administration.
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