LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe
  • Air ProLP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe
  • Air ProLP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe
  • Air ProLP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe

LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe

You can rest assured to buy customized BangGuan® LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe from us.
Since the movement of the injected resin expands in concentric circles, the injection pressure will not produce defects or separation.
Made of transparent material, users can easily observe the injection volume clearly with eyes. Because it allows users to clean structural maintenance while maintaining the original state without disassembly or access, it costs less maintenance costs and saves working time. Since the injection is carried out through a low pressure similar to a rubber band, the damage to the sealing area is less. Moreover, in order to provide higher work accuracy, construction management has also become easier.

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Product Description

As a professional high quality BangGuan® LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe manufacture, you can rest assured to buy LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION of BangGuan® LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe

Syringe injectors are low pressure injectors used to repair cracks in concrete structures. Low-pressure injection method improves work efficiency by simultaneously injecting epoxy resin into small deep crack areas time. It also has a scale on the surface so that you can confirm the injection Observe with naked eyes.

This method uses surface tension and water absorption capillary action to make the grouting material penetrate into the small cracks without power supply. Traditional grouting methods mostly use high-pressure grouting, so the back pressure inside the cracks often leads to the rupture of the sealing material and the penetration of the grouting material, which hinders the deep infusion of the grouting material. With syringe grouting, the cracks of the concrete structure can be perfectly grouted at the same time without causing large-scale damage.

01. Inspection of cracks and surface treatment

Work process should be determined by checking in advance the condition, width, depth of cracks.

Remove dust or dirt from the area to be sealed with a wire brush and remove dirt from the surface by using a detergent like soap or thinner if any oily substance still remains

02. Determine the area where to place washer

The washer should be placed in an interval of 15cm~20cm depending on the width of cracks.

Usually 20cm is the most appropriate distance between the washers. You should put 5~6 washers for the repairing of cracks of one meter length.

03. Sealing of cracks

You should seal cracks with epoxy sealing material, 1mm thick and 30mm wide, except for areas where to put the washer to prevent the injected epoxy from leaking, If sealing is not properly done on cracks, loss of epoxy resin can occur due to the damage of sealing when injection device is installed. Therefore, you should pay special attention while you work.

04. Setting the washer

You should set the washer with epoxy sealing material on the places make in advance.

Stop the work until the sealing material is completely hardened. (It takes about 24 hours at the normal temperature of 25℃)

05. Injection of Epoxy

Fill the syringe injector with 30cc of epoxy grouting material and connect rubber bands with the washers. Place all the syringe injectors on the washers in the same way. when the grouting material of a syringe injector is consumed before tack free, you have to replace the syringe injector promptly with a syringe injector newly charge and continue injection.

06. Finishing Work

After confirming that the grouting material is hardened, remove the syringe injector and washer and grind the surface cleanly with a hand grinder and finish, if necessary, with crack cover material or paint, (You can do the finishing work after about one day in summer, and about two days in winter, which is required for initial hardening)

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