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How to install rescue tripod


Installation. First of all, before installation, carefully check the purchased instruments to ensure that they are in good condition. There is no lack of this or that, and there is no rust. Pull it to the longest, fix it and install the fixing pin. The second step is to set up the tripod, prop up the three legs of the rescue tripod, and then fix the three corners of the rescue tripod, knowing to tighten all the fixing ropes! The third step is to put the rescue tripod on the working face that needs to work. : technical parameters: the multifunctional tripod is light and durable, and the lifeline and its system are suitable for rescue and narrow space operation. The tripod legs can be retracted at will. It is equipped with a fixed connecting ring for installing the fall self-locking device and a 30 m long fixed winch. Maximum angle span: 145cm maximum installation height: 225cm maximum load: 180kg overall weight configuration: 1. Fixed connecting ring 2. Fixable winch 3. Tripod rescue tripod is a tool often used in emergency rescue, mainly using retractable triangular support, Generally, there are special professional devices, the most important of which are ascending and descending devices. In addition, the rescue tripod must be inspected regularly by a specially assigned person.

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