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Structural characteristics of rescue tripod


The rescue tripod consists of a main body, a sling, a winch, and a ring-shaped protection chain.

◆Using retractable feet made of high-strength lightweight alloy, with a safety factor greater than 10, and a ring-shaped protection chain on the foot;

◆The winch is equipped with ascending and descending self-locking devices to ensure the safety of the sling;

◆The sling is made of special stainless steel wire rope, which has good flexibility and will not be damaged due to corrosion or lack of oil;

◆Convenient assembly, can be installed in wellheads, pitheads, and not restricted by uneven ground. The retractable feet are made of high-strength lightweight alloy, the safety factor is greater than 10, and the feet are equipped with ring-shaped protection chains.

rescue tripod

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