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How to choose spraying machine nozzle?

The composition of the spraying material of the spraying machine is mainly anti-corrosion and fireproof materials, epoxy resin, or latex paint. When choosing spraying machine nozzles, we must consider these two issues. One is the spray pattern and the other is the flow rate. The size of the caliber.
Nozzles are generally divided into three types, namely standard type, finishing type and wear-resistant type. The English symbols are LTX (standard type), FFT (finish type), and GHD (wear-resistant type). The coded number is the introduction Data on spray pattern and caliber. According to their true wishes, consumers can choose the model you want to buy, and only through this method can they be guaranteed to fully meet their actual needs. The following is what we need to pay attention to when choosing spraying machine nozzles.
When spraying fire-proof and anti-corrosion materials with spraying machines, we need to use standard nozzles. Because the particulate matter contained in these spraying materials can cause serious wear on the nozzles, it is recommended that you use wear-resistant nozzles. When spraying anti-corrosion materials, we have to consider such a problem, that is, the thickness of the coating of the anti-corrosion material is relatively heavy. It is best to use a nozzle with a larger diameter when choosing a nozzle. However, for the anti-corrosion material of steel structure, it is best to use a spray radius of Nozzles below 5 inches can reduce the waste of paint and increase the utilization rate of paint.
When the spraying machine is used for spraying latex paint, in order to ensure the efficiency of construction and the thickness of the latex paint, it is best to use a standard nozzle. The nozzle radius is five inches and the diameter is 0.0017 inches. In the spray wall corner, you need to switch to a nozzle with a relatively small spray width. When spraying external walls, we can use nozzles with a spray radius of 12 inches, which can improve work efficiency. However, as the spray range becomes larger, in order to ensure the quality of spraying, we had better choose a relatively large spraying equipment to ensure uniform spray thickness.
When spraying oily paint, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of the paint. The oily paint has low density and strong fluidity. When the spray range is large, it is easy to cause the paint to sag. At this time, it is best to use a refined nozzle. This type of nozzle has a better atomization effect, which can spray the more fluid paint more evenly, reducing the wear of the nozzle and extending the use time of the nozzle.
The above has introduced so many pairs about the use of spraying machine nozzles. When first contacting this equipment, many people will be confused. They don’t know what this type of machine does, let alone how to choose when using it. In fact, this type of equipment The equipment looks huge and extremely complicated. In fact, the working principle is relatively simple. After simple training, ordinary personnel can operate proficiently, saving time and effort. I believe that everyone should have a certain understanding of this equipment. I hope these introductions can be helpful to everyone's practical application.

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