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Working efficiency of multifunctional spraying machine


Working efficiency of multifunctional spraying machine

1. This machine meets the requirements of domestic on-site mixing mortar. It has strong adaptability to mortar. It is simple to operate and has no pulse spraying evenly during spraying operation, which is the same as the current common screw spraying.

Compared with the machine, the particle size of the mortar is larger (the screw mortar machine requires no particles or no more than 3MM, and the machine can continuously transport the mortar orthopedics up to 5-8MM to work normally).

, Durable, low construction cost.

2. Simple operation, no scaffolding, no mobile equipment, no need to repair the stubble, the yin and yang corners, the top plate, can be sprayed freely, shortening the construction period and improving

It also saves the expense of frame material cost.

3. Fast speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, one shotcrete machine can easily spray 150M2 per hour, remove the preparation time, calculate 8 hours a day, can spray

Above 1000M3, it is equivalent to 20 skilled workers who work hard for a day.

4. The investment is small and the income is large. If each equipment is sprayed with 1000M2 per day, the average market price is 4 yuan/M2. If the wage of the outgoing worker is 500 yuan, each equipment can be used every day.

A profit of 3,000 yuan, among other factors, is expected to earn more than 500,000 yuan a year.

5. The quality of the project is guaranteed. The main disadvantage of the artificial powder wall and the previously introduced powder wall machine is the low degree of adhesion between the mortar and the wall and the low density of the mortar.

The spraying equipment with high flow rate and high pressure (up to 3MPA) overcomes the above defects, and the mortar compactness far exceeds the national standard, avoiding

Troubles and losses caused by issues such as schedules and wages.

6. One machine is versatile, can spray mortar, waterproof material, refractory material, not affected by regional and environmental conditions and spray surface shape.

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