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Multifunctional mortar spraying machine maintenance


Multifunctional mortar spraying machine is suitable for spraying traditional mortar and premixed mortar, special materials, cement grouting and decorative mortar.The mechanical efficiency is 3-6 times that of manual production. For wall plastering, it is equivalent to saving 2 yuan in labor cost per square meter and shortening the construction period.


Multifunctional mortar spraying machine maintenance and maintenance:

1. Every time the pump core is cleaned, a little silicone oil must be added to lubricate and prevent embroidering. Its purpose is to protect the rotor core from rust and start smoothly next time.

2. When the machine is working, the electric box door must be closed and locked to prevent dust and moisture from invading and damaging the machine components.

3. The bearing housing must be filled with oil before and after work every day and the gearbox oil should be checked frequently.

4.  When moving the machine at the construction site, the power cord must be unplugged, regardless of distance.

5. When cleaning the machine, the electric box can only be wiped, not rinsed.

6.  To adjust the gland of the main shaft sealing ring, the pump core and the feed support must be detached, and then tighten the three screws. The standard after the screw is tightened, the 8-inch live hand can easily pull the main screw.

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