syringe injector Manufacturers

syringe injector made in China can be customized from BangGuan. Our factory is one of the suppliers and manufacturers from China. High quality syringe injector with the cheap and low price is advanced, durable and easy-maintainable.Do you have certification? Yes, we have CE certification. In addition, our products are in stock.
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  • You can rest assured to buy customized BangGuan® LP-3 Rubber low pressure syringe from us.
    Since the movement of the injected resin expands in concentric circles, the injection pressure will not produce defects or separation.
    Made of transparent material, users can easily observe the injection volume clearly with eyes. Because it allows users to clean structural maintenance while maintaining the original state without disassembly or access, it costs less maintenance costs and saves working time. Since the injection is carried out through a low pressure similar to a rubber band, the damage to the sealing area is less. Moreover, in order to provide higher work accuracy, construction management has also become easier.

Suzhou BangGuan Automation Co., LTD has actively developed syringe injector since 2003. In China, we are a professional China syringe injector manufacturers and China syringe injector suppliers and we are the leader. We pioneered invent the simple machine structure, not only great reduce cost, but also easy to install and maintain.